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Kelly R. Haas, PA-C

Kelly R. Haas, PA-CKelly R. Haas, PA-C, attended the University of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth, Texas. She attained her BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) Physician Assistant in September 1999, after successful completion of the program. Kelly practices patient care in the group clinical setting.

Kelly Haas has been a part of Lavaca Family Health Clinic since November 1999. She has 15 years of medical experience.





Certified Physician Assistant:

Certified PAs (physician assistants) are licensed and certified health professionals who practice medicine in partnership with doctors, and bring a breadth of knowledge and skill to patient care.  The doctor is able to consult with the PA when needed, and stays informed about the care that you receive.  Certified PAs obtain medical histories, examine, diagnose and treat patients, order and interpret diagnostic tests, and recommend and implement treatment plans for the wide range of human illnesses and injuries.

As of 2018, approximately 131,000 certified physician assistants practice in every medical setting and surgical specialty across the United States.