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Courtesy Medical Staff

These practitioners are limited to less than 25 admissions per year. These members are not required to attend Medical Staff meetings, nor shall they be entitled to vote or hold office in the Medical Organization.

  • George Boozalis, M.D.- Ophthalmology
  • Crayton Ciborowski, M.D. – Family Practice
  • James Drost, M.D. – Family Practice
  • Stanly B. Heckrodt, M.D. – Family Practice
  • Tyson Meyer, M.D. – Internal Medicine (Hospice)
  • Loren C. Owensby, M.D. – Gastroenterology
  • Michael Perez, M.D. – Orthopedics
  • Mohammed Sabbagh, M.D. – Oncology
  • Carleton K. Thompson, M.D. – Gastroenterology
  • Prameela Yoganandan, M.D. – Emergency Medicine