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Picture of Physical Therapy room with exercise equipment
Picture of Physical Therapy room with exercise equipment

Physical Therapy at Lavaca Medical Center

Lavaca Medical Center offers Physical Therapy services in both outpatient and inpatient settings. Our facility is home to the only indoor aquatic outpatient physical therapy clinic in Lavaca County, which takes place in a heated saline pool. The Therapy Department is staffed with licensed physical therapists and physical therapist assistants/occupational therapist assistants, to help all patients achieve their rehabilitation goals. Lavaca Medical Center Therapy Services accepts referrals from all physicians, and accepts all forms of insurance - Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, and workman's compensation.

Outpatient Physical Therapy

As an outpatient, you will be evaluated by our Physical Therapist for a comprehensive review of your history, injury, diagnosis, symptoms. Our Physical Therapist will then develop a treatment plan specified to your particular condition and needs.

A variety of diagnoses are treated through Outpatient Physical Therapy including:

total joint replacement
balance problems
joint arthritis
spinal stenosis
low back pain/neck pain
shoulder strain/sprain
ankle sprain
IT band syndrome
rotator cuff tear
plantar fasciitis
achilles tendonitis

Outpatient Therapy Department Hours:

Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Call: (361) 798-9006

As a patient at Lavaca Medical Center, your therapist has access to several areas in the facility by which to treat your diagnosis in order to give you maximum benefit in maintaining your rehabilitation gains after discharge from your therapy treatment program. Areas that can be incorporated into your treatment program include: the LMC Outpatient Therapy Clinic, the aquatic therapy heated saline pool, and the LMC Health and Wellness Center.

Patients that complete their therapy treatment program receive 30-days free access to the Lavaca Medical Center Health and Wellness Center. Included is access to the gym, LMC instructed classes, and the pool. Your therapists will design a program for you in any of these different areas so that you can continue to reach your rehabilitation goals.

Inpatient Physical Therapy

Lavaca Medical Center also offers therapy services on an inpatient basis. In collaboration with your physician and medical staff, physical therapy can play an important role in your recovery. If your physician orders physical therapy during your inpatient stay, an evaluation will be completed by a Physical Therapist to assess your function, safety, mobility for moving around the room and hallway, as well as strength and endurance in preparation for your discharge. With your therapy team you will develop a treatment program based on your own individual recovery goals.

Your treatment can include:

balance training
patient education
training on a new assistive device (walker, cane, wheelchair)
cardiovascular exercise
working with Respiratory Therapists for pulmonary exercise

Admissions Into The Hospital:

Acute Inpatient Care
Swing Bed Program

A Medicare program providing skilled care to patients needing additional recovery time
A key program to strengthen and foster relationships between critical access hospitals and larger tertiary facilities
A skilled care option for patients at the local/community level - close to home and near loved ones
The step between Acute Care and Home

Contact Gayle Willett, RN, CCM Case Manager for questions and referrals for our Swing Bed Program at(361) 798-6671.